We sell the Espoma brand of slow-release meal fertilizers to help keep your plants happy. These products are made of all-natural ingredients and break down slowly in soil to increase uptake while reducing runoff and over-fertilization.

Plant Tone 5-3-3 – A good general purpose fertilizer. Approved for organic and edible plantings. Also contains Bio-Tone microbes to improve soil fauna.

Holly Tone 4-3-3
– For acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, azaleas and hollies. Also excellent fertilizer for needled evergreens.

Rose Tone 4-3-2 – Keep your roses fed through the season with an application of Rose Tone in the spring.

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Gypsum – a natural soil additive that helps to break up clay and compacted soil.
Perlite – a very lightweight volcanic mineral that creates air spaces in soils. Best used in potting mix or raised beds.
Vermiculite – another mineral used for improving soil structure. Unlike perlite, vermiculite can also hold water, but it is also easily compacted.
Aluminum Sulfate – a soil additive to turn hydrangea flowers blue. Carefully sprinkle a few teaspoons around the crown, without touching any part of the plant since aluminum sulfate will burn foliage. Please note: not all hydrangeas can go blue, as some are bred to be pink.

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