Mulch FAQ

Why bother mulching?

Mulching planted beds serves several purposes. First, and most importantly for new plantings, a thick later of mulch will help keep moisture from evaporating from the soil beneath. A fine mulch will break down into a soil-like structure within 2 years and will help the tilth of the native soil. Mulch will also help prevent weeds seeds from germinating. Finally, a smooth coating of mulch along with a careful edging job will give your beds a polished and manicured look.

How much mulch should I apply?

A three-inch coating of mulch will achieve all of the above-mentioned goals: moisture retention, soil tilth, weed prevention and a neat look.

What is the rate of application?

One cubic yard will cover an area of approximately 100 square feet at a depth of 3 inches.

In what quantities can I buy mulch?

Fox Hill Gardens sells mulch by the yard and by the bag. We also deliver a minimum of three yards to locations in the State College vicinity. If you choose to pick up mulch yourself, we can load any amount into a pickup truck. Please call ahead for loading help of 1 or more cubic yards.

How frequently should I mulch my beds?

It is best to apply mulch once a year, preferably in spring for help with mitigating drought stress in summer. Any new plantings should also be finished with a covering of mulch.

Are there any drawbacks to mulching?

Be careful getting mulch too close to wooden house foundations, as this can lead to rotting. When installing new trees and shrubs, be sure not to pile mulch next to the crown of the plant as that can cause crown rot. See our [Planting Guide] for more information.

Can termites be spread by mulch?

Termites can spread through insufficiently processed mulch. Our mulch at Fox Hill Gardens is triple-ground and guaranteed to be free of pests.

Does Fox Hill Gardens mulch?

Yes we do!

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