Retail Guarantee

Fox Hill Gardens Plant Replacement Policy

Dear Gardening Friends:

We believe our trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennial plants to be of excellent quality, insect and disease free, and in good growing condition upon sale. However, after the plant material leaves our nursery, it is difficult to assure its livability. Fox Hill Gardens plants are carefully grown, and if handled with proper care and grown under adequate conditions, they should thrive and flourish. We know you would not expect free replacement of perishable material lost due to conditions beyond our control, such as extremes of heat, cold, excessive or inadequate water, improper planting procedure or location, or neglect.

If your plant died as a result of…

– improper watering (inadequate watering or over watering)
– poor drainage
– extremes in weather
– vandalism or mechanical damage
– abuse
– planting in an unsuitable site (improper exposure or soil conditions)

…we are unable to provide any replacement credit.

We will make this determination upon your return of an expired woody plant purchased at our nursery, accompanied by receipt. By far, the most common reason plants die is lack of water, particularly during the first year acclimation process. As well, we will evaluate the performance of the same type of plant here at the nursery as a guide to determining cause of death. If the same type of plant had problems here at the nursery, we would likely determine cause of death to be other than drought, insect or varmint damage, or site selection.

If a credit replacement is warranted, we will offer a one-time 50 percent credit to purchase the same or another replacement plant.

Because of the more sensitive nature of perennials, annual bedding or basket plants, we are unable to guarantee survivability in any form for this group of plants, nor for anything planted in containers.

Certain woody plants are available for sale at the nursery that exhibit transplant difficulty or are marginally hardy in this zone. We offer these because we get many requests for them. This group of plants we are unable to offer a replacement credit for; information to that effect is presented on the plant info cards in the nursery.

Please see our plant care page. We encourage you to call us at 814-237-9087 if you have any questions regarding proper watering, exposure, or other plant care issues.

Thank you for your business, and may your garden flourish!

Your Friends at Fox Hill Gardens