Edible Weeds

Garlic Mustard Rosettes:  http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/weeds/plants/garlic_mustard.htm

Garlic Mustard Rosettes: http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/weeds/plants/garlic_mustard.htm

From our friends at Ghergich & Co., this infographic describes edible weeds available to harvest from your yard. As with any wild harvesting, keep in mind that untested soils may contain heavy metals taken up by leafy green plants. If you intend to harvest weeds on a regular basis, it’s worth conducting a soil test or sending your soils to the Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Lab (AASL) to check for contamination.

In addition, use this graphic alongside a plant ID guide to make sure you’re correctly identifying edibles as opposed to their poisonous counterparts. Here is a list of broadleaf weeds commonly found in Pennsylvania according to the Penn State Center for Turfgrass Science. Please take note that NOT ALL of the weeds in this listing are edible; rather, you may find it helpful for plant identification purposes.

For more interesting information about harvesting weedy edibles, other resources include Eat the Weeds by Green Deane, Rodale’s Organic Life, and Michigan State University Extension Wild Harvest.

Eat the Weeds

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